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Certified CDL DOT Physical Exams

DOT Medical examination

  • National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners ( NRCME) as of May 14,2014 are the only group able to legally certified commercial motor vehicle drivers.
  • NRCME’s primary mission is to improve highway safety by having certified medical examiners trained to determine if a CMW driver’s health meets Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration standards and guidelines.
  • We are DOT medical examiner certified by the NRCME.
What to expect before getting certified or renewed:
  • A complete medical history including surgeries
  • Medication history and current medication use
  • Expect to have your driver license check
  • Expect a physical examination including hearing, vision, vitals ( pulse, height,weight,blood pressure,urinalysis)
  • Based on examination results the driver will either get certified, renewed, or disqualified

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